Scuba Diving in Coron Palawan


Coron palawan scuba diving  is a popular activity for both professional and newbie divers, with the area showcasing vibrant coral reefs and diverse groups of marine life. It also features famous shipwrecks that have become a draw for the region. It is possible to dive around the area all year round, although there are some periods of bad weather during the wet season. The best time to visit is from November to April when the underwater visibility is at its highest.

Is El Nido diving better than Coron?

The most popular wrecks in the area include Irako wreck, Akitsushima wreck, and Siete Pecados. The latter is also a popular snorkelling spot due to its rich reef life, and a variety of smaller creatures like octopuses and cuttlefish. Another must-visit site is Barracuda Lake, which provides a different experience with mountain lake diving.

One of the most underrated opportunities for scuba diving in the region is free diving, which allows you to dive with just a snorkel and fins, using your own breath. With some training you can easily get down to 20 meters on a single breath, which gives you access to much of the marine life that is found in the area.

The gateway to the diving in the area is Busuanga Island, where there are daily flights from Manila. From here you can take a tourist bangka or dive boat to Coron Town, and onwards to other destinations in the Calamian archipelago including El Nido.

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27 October

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