The internet serves many purposes and it is an awesome tool for a wide range of reasons. Websites collect user info and keep track of what visitors do on their sites. This data collection allows the sites to do many things with that info. It is what has made Google and Facebook so profitable, popular and accurate. The accuracy pertains to targeting users and for marketing purposes. Adult sites are also using info such as this. It allows them to see what kind of pornography users like most. And what kind of trends they should watch out for when preparing content.

As a result of all of this, there are several genres in porn that have become extremely popular. Some include categories such as mature, teen, ebony, MILF, lesbian and hentai porn. In addition to these, adult sites have many other genres. But unlike the top ones, they are lesser known or not as popular. Nonetheless, it doesn’t make them less interesting, arousing or important.


Any person who does not frequent porn sites may have a hard time understanding what this niche is all about. Creampie is not related to any baking or pastries. It’s what happens when men ejaculate inside a woman’s vagina and then drips out.

Surprise Anal

This is a rather interesting and wild genre in porn. Surprise anal is generally what happens when guys penetrate a woman from the back without her waiting for it. She may not be expecting to be entered anally thus the reason for the name.

BBW or Big Beautiful Women

The days when people looked only at skinny girls in movies as sex objects are long gone. Now there are many who desire women who are larger in size. BBW videos are quite popular on porn sites and social media. To prove it, you can find dozens of variations related to the BBW search term.


The swinging lifestyle has been rising the past decade. Many of the videos related to this have something to do with gangbangs. It may explain why this particular genre is found at the top of twenty or so most searched for topics.


Based on how popular and lucrative BDSM mainstream literature and movies have been, this category is no surprise. As of late, BDSM porn videos have been gaining in popularity. The same for sex toys and other elements related to this genre.

Indian Wife

Desi porn or adult content depicting women from India has risen over the years. That’s due to several reasons such as more people from that country having access to smartphones and the web. A lot of them are recording the sex acts and uploading them to sites. They are also searching for this term as well as others related to women from India.


Chances are that if you went to high school, you had a thing for a cheerleader. Even now that interest may be alive since people have always found cheerleaders in uniform hot. Plenty of porn videos with pornstars in cheerleading outfits can be found online.

Lesbian Scissoring

This is one term a lot of people who are not lesbian or gay may not know about. But lesbian scissoring and the videos showing it are extremely popular in the adult world. They generally show two women naked, intertwined and grinding their private areas together simultaneously.