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All Twitter. No clutter.

Enjoy distraction-free tweeting with shared mute lists, smart filters, customizable views, and more.

I am a developer/accredited investor ➞  


Shared mute lists. Finally.

Subscribe to friends’ lists and let them do the muting for you.

Flaminga lets you enjoy the conversation you want to have without the interruptions. Users you mute through Flaminga are added to a private list you can share with trusted friends and followers. Subscribed lists will automatically add users to your list unless you are following them. You can also manually add or remove users from your mute list at any time.

Flaminga also doesn’t have to use the official Twitter block unless you want it to. Muted users will never know you and your friends can’t see them.

Smart Filters

You decide who gets to mention you.


Don’t just mute a user—you can mute their followers, too! Hides two kinds of tweets: mentions from a muted user’s followers, and tweets that include both your username and the muted user’s name.

Grownups Only

No more newborn eggs hatching in your feed! Choose how old an account has to be before it can talk to you, from one day old to a whole year.

Bad Manners

Someone needs a time-out! This filter automatically scan a user’s timeline (from 10-500 tweets). If they use too much muted content or repeated links, they get a time-out and won’t be able to mention you.


Hi, I’m Cori, and I want to make Twitter fun again!

If you’re like me, you love Twitter and want to use it every day. Your friends and fans love reading and replying to your tweets. But Houston, we have a problem: SPAM. There’s just too much tweetage going on. If everyone and their cousin Fred is hitting you with @mentions, you can barely hear yourself think, let alone what your friends are saying. What’s a Twitter connoisseur like you to do?

Now you can silence that spam with Flaminga, the only Twitter client in the universe that will help you rise above the chatter!

Holy baloney, this sounds awesome. How can I help?

I’m glad you asked! If you’re a developer willing to work for equity or an accredited investor, please Let’s make Twitter more fun for everyone.