Drexel Off Campus Housing

Drexel off campus housing is small and tucked into West-Center City Philadelphia so it meshes in with the urban environment. The University has a good reputation and is climbing in the rankings, especially with their emphasis on Co-op.

Does UPenn have air conditioning?

This unique program allows students to combine their classroom learning with up to 18 months of working full-time on jobs related to their majors. This gives Drexel students a huge competitive advantage over other universities and makes them very employable graduates when they enter the workforce.

There are tons of different clubs, frats and sororities that students can join, the University has a lot to offer and it’s a great place to learn. The dining hall sucks though and the school can be very expensive if you don’t have a scholarship or are paying out of pocket.

The education is top notch, and the instructors care about their students and really know what they’re talking about. The Fashion Design and Music Industry departments are amazing, and the nursing college is a top-notch program too. The University may not have the prettiest campus or the nicest buildings, but it’s a very competitive place that wants its students to succeed.

There are a lot of options for drexel off campus housing but many of these areas are filled with undergraduates so they may not be the best option for graduate students and working professionals. However, the University city area is a fantastic choice that’s a short walk to the campus and has an endless amount of things to do with its high end shopping, designer restaurants and major nightlife.

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16 September

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